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Get your PPL or CPL flying license
in South Africa - about Learn To Fly

Learn to Fly is run by Ginny in cooperation with flying schools and guest houses in Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria/Johannesburg. Ginny (and staff) make all the arrangements you need to get your flying license South Africa - lessons, accommodation, transport and all the extras you choose.
No feeling of being a 'stranger in a strange country'. You will be met at the airport, taken to your accommodation and shown the ropes. No risk of your booking into a 'doss-house' on the wrong (far from the flying school) side of town.
We can make arrangments for PPL (private pilots license) and CPL (commercial pilots license). Fixed wing , helicopters and microlights.
Getting your flying license in South Africa is likely to cost you a whole lot less than doing so in your own country. The average duration of a PPL is about 6 weeks.

Which flying schools in which centres?

We deal with flying schools all over South Africa (including Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg) but NOT with all flying schools - only those that we regard as totally reliable and that offer top-class training.

What does getting a flying license cost?

This depends on how long you take and what you decide to do and whether you add trips to the games reserves and other excursions. Some flying schools are more expensive than others. The cost of accommodation varies according to your needs. Average costs are as follows:
PPL training (45 flying hrs) R65 000, depending on location including six weeks B&B accommodation. For more exact prices and for CPL and helicpoter licenses (including currency convertor) click here
To the above you would need to add (low) living expenses and the cost of recreational trips.

Like to learn more about getting your flying license in South Africa? Click here to get more flying license information




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