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Cessna aircraft - learn to fly in South Africa

The famous Cessna aircraft - wherever you learn to fly, you will almost certainly be learning to fly in a Cessna. Learn flying in South Africa - fun, economical, sunshine and great training.

The Cessna aircraft story

Cessna Aircraft Company manufactures the most complete line of aircraft in the world. From Citation business jets, to freight- and passenger-hauling utility Caravans, to personal and small-business Single Engine Pistons. Visit the Cessna aircraft web site

"Development of the Cessna 150 began in the 1950s. It followed familiar Cessna design, being of all metal construction with tricycle undercarriage and strut-braced high wing layout The 150 was replaced in production by the 152, from 1977. At the end of production of the Cessna 152 in 1986, 7,482 had been built, including 640 license-built in France" ... For more and pictures of Cessna aircraft

AircraftBrowser - Cessnas for sale

Cessna 150 s for sale Cessna 172 Skyhawks for sale

Cessna clubs

Cessna 140 Club - Absolutely everything
about Cessna 120/140/140A aircraft

Welcome! The Cessna 150-152 Club is an organization for owners and pilots of the most popular two place aircraft ever built. Cessna 150-152's are easy to maintain and fly, and just plane fun! What's more, they are the last affordable used airplanes in plentiful supply. Cessna 150-152 Club Unofficial Cessna Skymaster
The Twin Cessna Flyer organization is dedicated to safety, preservation and the economical operation of all piston-powered Twin Cessna aircraft. Through the monthly magazine, periodic maintenance and operations seminars, it's technical center in Defiance, Ohio and networking among members, significant value is available to all members and owner/operators. The Twin Cessna Flyer

Cessna aircraft - specifications,
performance and photos

Rising Up Listing of Cessna Aircraft -
specifications and performance

Cessna 150 cockpit photos




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