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The costs: learning to fly in South Africa

The costs of a learning to fly - PPL (Private Pilot Licence) - package in Durban, including six weeks excellent accommodation is approximately R65 000 depending on location (use the Currency Converter below).

To secure your accommodation and a place in the flying school, a deposit will be required.

We recommend that you pay your learning to fly deposit as soon as possible - in order to secure your place.
The second payment is due at least two weeks before the start of your course. PLEASE NOTE that the flying school will NOT start your training until the second payment is received.
Many students choose to make a single payment for the full balance. If you don't choose this option, we recommend that make arrangements for all payments with your bank BEFORE you leave your home country. This avoids the difficulties of arranging payments from a distance. It avoids your being stranded on land while you wait for funds to be transferred, arrive and be cleared.
The final payment is due two weeks after you start your training. The exact cost of the PPL depends on how long you take - The R65 000 covers the normal 45 hour course spread over six weeks. If you take a bit longer it does cost a bit more.

Prices in Rands

All packages INCLUDE SIX WEEKS accommodation - prices are subject to change without prior notice due to aviation related increases beyond our control and currency fluctuations.

(Private Pilots Licence, fixed wing)
from R 65 000
(Private Pilots Licence, helicopter)
from R133000 
(Commercial, fixed-wing)
Please request current cost.
(Commercial, helicopter)
Please request current cost.



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