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South African flight schools
offer quality flying lessons

Our flight schools offer flying lessons in great year-round weather conditions - you can complete your PPL or CPL a lot faster than at home and do so in a sun-filled and fun-filled environment.

We arrange flying lessons for your private pilot license at the best pilot schools in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and other parts of South Africa.

We take care of all the flying school arrangements, as well as accommodation, travel and transport. You do your pilot training for your PPL, and have a great fun-filled, sun-filled time into the bargain.

Explore the South African countryside, beaches and cultural sites at your leasure.

Taking all costs into account - travel to and from South Africa, accommodation, the flight school itself, transport in South Africa - the cost of learning to fly in South Africa is generally lower than it would cost you in your own country. And there are so many bonuses in addition to the low cost ...

We do recommend Durban as your choice of location for your flight training and flying experiences

Everything is situated in a secure and upmarket resedential area.

  • Quality accommodation
  • Shops, restaurants and pubs
  • Virgin Active Gym
  • Medical Care
  • Wonderful beaches

Great all-year-round weather enables you to get your license quicker than at home. No wasted grey, rainy wasted winter days grounded at the flight school.

Away from the flight school - after hours, learn scuba diving or snorkeling - swim with fish and dolphins - in the all-year-round warm Indian Ocean.

Or after flight school, learn to body or board surf in the warm waves off Durban's famed North Beach.

Or go fishing after the flying school day is over.

Leave the flight school and the city behind and visit one of the regions famous elephant parks or rhino reserves.

Whether you have just left school or university or have recently retired you will have a ball at the flying school and learning new skills and meeting new people in Durban - sunny South Africa's premier holiday city.

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