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Durban Accommodation

Learn to fly in sunny South Africa

When you learn to fly in South Africa you get the highest quality flying instructors plus 'fun in the sun' weather all year round.

The inclusive cost of a learn to fly PPL (Private Pilot Licence) package in Durban, including six weeks of quality accommodation is approximately R145 000. That's around US$7 500

We also offer quality training for commercial pilot fixed wing (CPL) icences and pboth private and commercial helicopter licences. We recommend Durban as the best venue - best flying schools, best weather, most fun - but also offer training in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria.

Additional learn to fly bonuses

Durban is South Africa's premier holiday city and offers year round sunshine and the bikini beaches, fishing, surfing, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling that go with our sub-tropical climate.
You can also learn to scuba dive and gain international qualifications while you learn to fly. You can learn surfboard riding, stand-up-paddling and kite boarding while you get your PPL. Or maybe just play golf on your days off - Durban just happening to have one of the top ten courses worldwide. Being a major shipping port there are several sailing schools where you can qualify as a sailboat skipper up to Ocean Master level.

You can visit our fantastic game parks, like the Tembe Elephant Park, the Kruger National Park and the Umfolosi and Hluhluwe Game Reserves, in between the flying lessons.
And there's the magnificent Drakensberg Mountain Range offering climbing, hiking and trout fishing just over two hours away.

Fantastic low-cost lifestyle while you learn to fly

Unique helicopter training

Combine the thrill of learning to fly with the excitement of game capture in the wildlife parks of South Africa.

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Compared to Europe, the UK & North America, the prices of most goods and services in South Africa are very low.
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Approximate costs:

A good quality bottle of red estate wine in a restaurant (full service) is around R120 and wine by the glass is R25.
A half litre of premium draught beer in a pub is about R35.
A quart of bottled beer purchased from a liquor store is abour R16.
A quart of bottled beer purchased from a liquor store ia abour R16.
20 cigarettes cost around R50. Marlboro are R52 and Kent White are R56.
A good steak in a restaurant costs approx. R120.
20 cigarettes cost approx. R 15.00 - R17.00
A 750ml bottle of Scotch Whisky can be from R190 while Johnny Walker Red Label is R260
A litre of petrol costs R23 but the price varies with currency moves.
A Magnum Ice-cream costs around R32.
A McDonalds Big Mac, the unit of international currency, costs R65.
And the old favourite, a large pizza, is priced from R90.

Compare this opportunity to those at home! You can get quality training, have the time of your life and experience the South African lifestyle andculture - all at the same time!
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