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Johanneburg - after flying lessons -
inside the City of Gold

In Zulu, Johannesburg is known as Egoli - the City of Gold. Taking your flying lessons here enables you to experience high altitude take-offs and landings.
Johannesburg is situated at 5 500 feet above sea level. Amazingly, many of its mine shafts go down to ground zero (sea level) and below.
Things to do, include a visit to Gold Reef City and the opportunity to go down a gold mine. There are many watersporting opportunites including sailing and water skiing. Great relaxation after pilot training

From flying lessons to fly fishing

Great trout fly fishing opportunities and the Famous Kruger National Park lie in easy reach of Johannesburg and also offer a wonderful contrast to the rigours of flying lessons.
Whilst Cape Town and Durban tend to rely on their natural attributes such as mountains and beaches, Johannesburg is a self-made city offering great night-life and a friendly social scene.
For info on accommodation when you do your flying lessons in Johannesburg click here.

We can also arrange flying lessons and pilot
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