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Why learn aviation?

Three kinds of people want to learn aviation - those who seek great recreation, those who seek a career and those seek a second career. Which are you?

Whichever one you are, you will benefit if you learn aviation in South Africa. Why? Because it is cheaper and the training is generally regarded as better than in the USA, and in some respects better than in the UK.
Doubt this statement? Take a look at comments about where to learn aviation:
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Learn aviation - a great step toward a first or second career

Some careers and industries are dying. For example, typing and the coal mining industry. Others are growing: these include those that are Internet and flying related.
As the world gets smaller, more and more people want to travel. More important, they want to travel to particular places at particular times - not for them the normal commercial airline schedules!
This is where 'small plane' commercial pilots come in with their ability to take people wherever they want to be whenever they want.
Of course you will need your PPL (Private Pilots Licence) before you can proceed to your CPL (Commerial Pilots Licence). And even if you want to fly the next generation of 'big birds' learning aviation in South Africa is a great way to start.
If you want to learn aviation, give serious consideration to doing your training in South Africa. We offer:

  • A new and fun-filled experience

  • Very high quality training. Likely better and cheaper than is available in your own country

  • Vital experience for the future: more and more people are going to want to travel 'on their own terms' to and from Africa.

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where to learn aviation in South Africa
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