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Fun in the sun - get your PPL - private pilots license - at a South African flying school

Do your PPL in sunny South Africa. Enjoy the heat, dance to the African beat - in addition to great training and flying conditions we offer warm seas, great game reserves, hot hospitality and cheap wine.

We make all the arrangements - travel, accommodation, flying school, transport - you enjoy. Flying schools available in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and other centers.

A PPL from a South African flying school is easily converted or validated in the UK, Europe or elsewhere in the world. With minor variations, all you will need to do after gaining your PPL here is to take your local Air Law exam and a flight test in the country you wish to fly in.

Some advantages of doing your PPL at one of the flying schools in South Africa:

Great all year weather conditions - no waiting for the wet grey season to end. Fly in the sun and get your PPL more quickly - not wasted days and weeks.

Great wine, women and song: even good quality wine is cheap ( under Two Pounds $ 4, E 3 a bottle)

Warms beaches for swimming, scuba, snorkeling, surfing and fishing after flying school.

Great wild life (no, not that kind!) - fly to game reserves and national parks where you can view lions, elephants, rhinos and hundreds of other animal and bird species in their natural habitat.

Great music and lots of sport like rugby, soccer and cricket.

Like to know more about getting your PPL (private pilots license) in South Africa? Click here to get more flight school information.



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